Grieving the death of a child or loved one?

Be comforted by learning there is life after death and that your loved ones can continue to be a
part of your life.

Many families have been able to find hope after the death of their loved one…

A family’s story of love, death, tragedy and triumph.
A Must-Read”—John Edward, medium


“The greatest number of spiritual events ever reported by a single individual.  The unprecedented volume of Judy’s stories is overwhelming.” Hank Baughman, prominent Pittsburgh TV and radio host

How did all this begin?

I looked at my fourteen-year-old granddaughter, Jaclyn, as if she were crazy.

While driving on a road after meeting her at the airport, we passed my son driving in his car.  I was startled and upset when Jaclyn said, “Kyle will probably be in an accident.”

Five hours later Kyle was in his fatal car accident.

Baton Rouge, LA

Dear Friend,

If you’re like me, the death of a child is tragic.

And if the child is your child, there are no words to describe the pain.

When my son, Kyle, died I did not want to live. 

I couldn’t even begin to imagine a life without Kyle, especially a life that was worth living.

Soon after Kyle’s death I began reading any book concerning death that I could get my hands on. If the title had any of the following words I had to read it: Heaven, Light, After Death Communication, Life After Death, Death of a Child, Grieving, and Communicating with the Dead. I grabbed books written by Billy Graham, John Edward, George Anderson, and James Van Praagh.

One of my favorite books was Hello from Heaven by Bill and Judy Guggenheim. (Because Bill and Judy’s book brought me so much comfort I bought extra copies and gave them to other parents whose children had died) After reading Hello from Heaven I became aware of the many forms of after death communication. After Kyle’s death he has communicated with us using almost all of the methods mentioned in Hello from Heaven.

So..if you liked Hello from Heaven I know you will love Quit Kissing My Ashes.

When your loved one dies, how in the world
can you ever expect to be happy again?
By knowing they are still with you.

A Catholic nun, Sister Rita Coco, was the director of the Grief Recovery Center in Baton Rouge . My daughter had been given Sister Rita’s name while at Kyle’s funeral.  I needed help and Jamie heard that Sister Rita might be able to help me.

After three visits with Sister Rita, she wrote the name “Mary Jo McCabe” on a piece of paper.  While handing the paper to me Sister Rita said, “I think Mary Jo will be able to help you.”

I had never heard of Mary Jo and had absolutely no idea who she was or what she did.  And I didn’t care. I was desperate.

Exactly two months after Kyle’s death I was sitting opposite Mary Jo in her office. At that time I had no idea Mary Jo was a psychic/medium.

Before I continue—I’m sure some of you have concerns about your religious teachings and consulting with a psychic.  I can understand.

But I reasoned that a Catholic nun referred me to Mary Jo, and I was willing to try anything to relieve my pain.

Mary Jo told me she could see Kyle.  She began telling me things that there was no way she could have known.  She mentioned specific things that only Kyle and I knew.  Needless to say, I was emotional and comforted beyond words.

This was my first experience with the spiritual world and when I left Mary Jo’s office I knew that Kyle somehow still existed.

Mary Jo told me to be happy for Kyle.  “He’s graduated.”  She also stressed that Kyle would be able to manipulate the physical and continue to be involved in our lives.

When I left Mary Jo’s office on June 27, 1996 it was the first time I had hope.  She had opened an entire new world to me and I was eager to learn about Kyle’s new home.

New Proof Death Is Not An End

Three months after Kyle’s death, he communicated with a casual acquaintance of mine, Bennie Payne.  Bennie’s family owns a successful business in Baton Rouge and her husband, Jerry and my husband, Jim, became friends during the years Jim coached football at LSU.  Kyle gave Bennie pages of messages to give to me. The following morning, Bennie immediately phoned me with news of Kyle’s messages. One of Kyle’s messages to me was, Tell Mom to quit kissing my ashes.  I’m not in the urn!”

There is absolutely no way that Bennie could have known that I was kissing Kyle’s ashes every morning and every night. (She’s never even been to my house!)

A little side note:  I haven’t kissed Kyle’s ashes since Kyle told me not to.  Trust me, I know he would know if I did.  As I often tell people, our loved ones may be smart when they are here, but they are really, really, really smart “over there”.

Spirits Can Help You If You Let Them

Month after month, Kyle continued to be in our lives and he not only let us know that he was okay and very happy, but he also let us know he was very aware of what we were all doing.  He told us, “I wouldn’t come back, even if I could.” (My thought was, thanks Kyle!)

Upon hearing of my interactions with Kyle, so many people shared with me stories of the communications that they had with departed loved ones.

My husband, my children, grandchildren and those who knew Kyle were so comforted by what Kyle was able to do.  It was as if he never left us.  Kyle was even getting blamed for things.

Thank heavens I documented the things that Kyle did.  I never planned on writing a book, but the things Kyle did were so special, unique and funny that I had to write them down.

After much encouragement from others I decided to try and write a book in hopes of helping others who had lost a loved one.

The neat thing is that Kyle helped me “big time” in my book endeavor.  He helped during the writing of the manuscript, picked out the book cover, the title and how much it should cost.  These stories are truly amazing.

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Quit Kissing My Ashes:
A Mother’s Journey Through Grief
became a reality in 2002!

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Quit Kissing My Ashes: A Mother’s Journey Through Grief is the powerful, profound, and intensely personal testimony of a special-needs schoolteacher whose son Kyle died in 1996.  Her intense mourning and her soul-deep grief are candidly presented, as is her eventual consolation obtained after her son made his presence known on multiple occasions.  We are compelling presented with Collier’s personal experience and understanding that death is only a beginning, not and end, and that the ones we love are always present with us in spirit—an uplifting deeply moving book. ---The Midwest Book Review

“Without doubt, Judy’s book proves there is life after death.”
Mary Jo McCabe, psychic, who now appears nationally with John Edward

What you will know after reading Quit Kissing My Ashes

·   You never die. Part of your consciousness lies outside your physical life, in universal consciousness. You are more than you think you are.

·        The physical world and spiritual world are connected on a daily basis.

·        Your loved ones can communicate with you in numerous ways.

“Judy,  just wanted you to know that I have been reading your book and it is utterly fantastic!!!! And that’s an understatement!  It is soooooo good.”—Dorothy Thompson, editor of The Writer’s Life

Kyle shows us the physical world is flawed while the spiritual world is joyful.

Did you look at the photos and videos of the devastation and grief caused by the Tsunami in Asia and think, “How sad?”

When you were riveted to the TV watching the events of 9/11 did you think,” How sad?”

Until you are personally involved or affected by the death of a loved one there is no way possible to understand the pain and grief that will most certainly change you into an entirely different person.

“My son died in the Warwick , RI nightclub fire.  Your book has lifted me out of my horrible depression.  Because of Quit Kissing My Ashes I am a new person and I thank you. ---Don Latulippe, radio host from MA


“My sister died December 12th.  Your book was on her end table when she died.  My family said she had been reading it and that it brought her comfort.  It has comforted me as well.  Thank you.”---- Mary Jones , Louisiana

Keep reading and you’ll discover an additional source of comfort that is available to you.

“I’ve read a lot of spiritual books.  Of more than 50 books on this subject “Quit Kissing My Ashes” is my favorite!”--- Jonnette Kinler , Louisiana


 “If messages alone were enough to instill belief in the Spirit World then Quit Kissing My Ashes has already succeeded.  But this book is not simply about belief, hope and faith; it is at the very center of understanding and embracing the power of love, life, and Spirit.  What Judy has done is to provide a road map to a journey worthy of your heart.  Transcendence lives in Quit Kissing My Ashes. Take this trip!---Tony Trupiano, radio host of The Tony Show

After becoming aware of Judy’s experiences you will be given the following confirmations concerning your loved ones in the spirit world:

·   There is an afterlife

·        Spirits are accessible

·        Spirits are aware of everything!

·        Spirits attend our celebrations and holidays

·        Spirits can and do act directly in our lives to help us

Still Skeptical?  Then Ponder This…

·        Kyle has remembered birthdays and anniversaries (even when we forgot!)

·        Kyle has made events happen that he told mediums he would create in the future.  Repeat, in the future!

·        Kyle knows I killed his favorite plant.

·        Kyle has responded immediately, directly and undeniably to verbal requests by his mother and sister. Read the astonishing stories of Kyle’s ability to manipulate the physical.

·        Kyle has twice directly and undeniably intervened to help his father, once sequentially pulling down all four manual door locks on his father’s car.  Find out why Kyle did this.

·        Kyle knows I turned a rug around on my carpet in the den.

·        Kyle knows his father was wearing his socks at that very moment

·        Kyle knows that I would see a green and yellow parakeet the very next day.

 What does this let you know?

Your loved ones can still be involved in your life.  Maybe not in the way you want them to be, but they definitely know that one day you will be together again.

Judy has appeared on over 170 radio and TV shows throughout the country, sharing her continuing relationship with her son, Kyle.  Her main purpose is to help you through your fears of your own mortality, the death of a loved one or persons seeking more information about death.

Kyle has powerfully and unmistakably revealed his presence to others outside his family—even on radio shows!

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 “Once you hear about Kyle Collier, you cannot – simply cannot – think the same way about life here and beyond.  On an even more practical level, Kyle shows that if spirits can be accessed as positive energy, then other positive energy – and information- can be accessed from higher consciousness as well.  Kyle Collier can truly change the world.”—Hank Baughman, well-known Pittsburgh radio host and TV personality



Listen to Judy and Pittsburgh radio host Hank Baughman’s compelling interview which proves there is life after death.


Dear Judy—I had tingling sensations in my skin throughout most of your CD.  I now want to send one to my friend Mary who lost her husband and one to Suzanne who lost her son to cancer.  I hope it will help Mary to regain her faith.

Nancy, St. Petersburg , FL

·       Pop it in your car, and be comforted while you drive.

·       You’ll be able to feel Judy’s emotions as she talks about Kyle.

·       You’ll learn additional ways your loved ones can communicate with you.

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Hear about the origin of the book's title!

Even though we all know we will physically die, we put our energy and efforts into our physical world, often ignoring the spiritual world.  Kyle has taught me that the spiritual world is our “true home” and we are given our physical lives for a pre-determined time, for our learning.

I am grateful to God and Kyle for all they have taught me.  I truly believe I have been given the opportunity to help you in your journey.

I know that my blessing can become a blessing for you.

I realize that during your time of grief you are very vulnerable and (like me) are willing to try anything to help yourself.  I wrote the book with the intention of helping others.  From the responses I have received I know I can help you.

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Because there has been such positive feedback and response from those who have read the book, Quit Kissing My Ashes there is a complete money back guarantee that you will be satisfied and comforted by your purchase.  No questions asked.

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